Kelsey Thompson

kelsey8bw-web 2As a young girl, Kelsey started dancing with Shelly Dobson’s school of dance where she attended two classes per week. After some careful nurturing, coaching and development, Kelsey realised her own potential and was encouraged to attend every dance class available to her, including stage, ballet, tap, ballroom, hip hop, disco to name a few. Over the years she attended many Annual dance shows, Performing Art Clubs Performances, Summer Schools and other holiday performing weeks which clearly demonstrated how much she loved performing. Kelsey knew she wanted to pursue her love for dancing as her career path. With the love, support and knowledge gained at the dance school, Kelsey was encouraged to work as a teaching assistant and taught her own classes to young children at the dance school, which gave her lots of pleasure.

At the age of 16, Kelsey gained a place at Sage Academy of Performing Arts, the only performing arts independent vocational college in the North East, on a 2 year Musical Theatre course. Here she learnt new skills, grew as a person and as a performer, which confirmed what she had already believed, that this was definitely the route she would take – no matter how difficult and challenging the performing arts industry is. Through her training she became a fully qualified dance teacher, and used those teaching skills to teach at both Shelley Dobson’s School of Dance and Sage Academy’s part time school. After graduating July 2015, she was ready to aim higher than ever. Kelsey decided to move to London to follow her dreams. Within a few months, she gained an agent, found employment as a part time teacher and most recently has been offered her first performing contract for this summer. You will find her dancing and singing in Salou all summer.

Kelsey would like to thank Shelley Dobson’s School of Dance and all the teachers and students, for pushing her in the direction which has helped to fulfil her dreams.